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Overseas Allied Members

* All OAM communication must be done by e-mail. Write to oam<at>jata-net.or.jp.


   JATA is not responsible or entitled to offer assistance for individual travelers' activities with JATA Overseas Allied Members.
   Please be reminded that up mentioned activities are going to be performed under the laws applied in the relevant countries and regions.
   The members are NOT bound by Japanese law "Travel Agency Act" since they are organizations registered outside of Japan.
   在外賛助会員(JATA Overseas Allied Member)は、当協会の目的・活動に賛同した海外に拠点をもつ観光関係企業・団体です。
Company ⁄ Organization JATA No. Date of Admission
Megian Pty Ltd. T/A Australian Tour Specialists 42523 2005/08/10 

Ground Flr. 129 Abbott Street, 
Cairns QLD 4870 

Country Phone FAX
Australia +61 7-4031-2600 +61 7-4031-2611 

Homepage Capital ( ≒ US $ ) Number of Employees
http://www.ats.co.jp US$10,000 15 

Affiliated Organization(s)
IATA PATA Other Organization(s)

Nature of Business
Tour Operator(In & Outbound) 

Features of Business
Australian Tour Specialists for over 14 years has been actively promoting Australian tourism products to the Japanese market via its Japanese language websites. 
With more than 15 active websites promoting products such as optional tours, hotels and apartments, island resorts, train travel, extended excursions, golf courses, camping tours, language colleges and many more. 

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