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Overseas Allied Members

JATA No. Company name Date of admission
42904 Sun Ocean Pvt. Ltd. 2012/02/16 

Nature of business
Tour Operator(In & Outbound) 

Country name Address Address
Maldives 1F, G.Penzy Nectar, Akikilagefaanu-Magu Male' ,Rep.of.Maldives, Post code 20117 

Phone Facsimile
+960 3329013,+960 3345779 +960 3329014 

E-mail URL
info@sunoceanmaldives.com http://www.sunoceanmaldives.com

Representative name Position Amount of capital Number of employees
Mr. Mohammed Rafi Jlffrey Sales & Marketing Manager 22 

Affiliation with associations

Features of the organization
Nature of business:Hotel,Airline,Cruise boat,Holiday resort,Travel Trade Journal, Place of entertainment, Hotel representative 

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