Frequently Asked Questions About Overseas Allied Membership

QWho qualifies as an overseas allied member?
AAny organization located outside Japan and engaged in a travel and tourism-related industry (e.g. travel agencies, national and regional tourist offices, airlines, hotel chains, independent hotels, tour operators, receptive/ground/land operators, cruise lines, shipping companies, convention & conference facilities, motorcoach and other vehicle charter/rental companies, travel magazines and other media) is eligible to apply for Overseas Allied membership.
QIs there an application fee?
QWhat are the annual membership dues?
AThe annual membership dues are payable by credit card. And Japanese Yen which is equivalent to US$50 will be charged. (If paid by bank wire transfer, the dues are U.S.$50 plus an additional U.S.$20 for bank fees.) Membership dues are invoiced covering a 2-year period in Japanese Yen equivalent to US$100 if paid by credit card (or U.S.$100 plus $20 for bank fees by wire transfer).
QHow do I apply?
APlease download an application at:
Submit the completed application via facsimile or e-mail (by PDF). Upon receipt of your completed application and payment of membership dues, the application will be reviewed by the JATA Board of Directors, after which you will be notified.
QHow do I pay the membership dues?
AWe accept payment via credit card or bank wire transfer (see Q3. above)
QHow do I change my registered data?
APlease print out a copy of your registered data from our website, make the necessary changes/corrections and return it to us via facsimile.
QWill I receive a certificate of membership?
AYes, we issue membership certificates for all Overseas Allied Members in good standing.
QHow do I renew my membership?
AWhen your membership is nearing expiration, we will send you an invoice and data check sheet. Please follow the accompanying instructions. Your membership will be renewed automatically upon receipt of your dues payment.
QHow can I contact Japanese travel agencies?
APlease refer to the "Online Searchable Roster of JATA Members" at:
QHow do I withdraw my membership?
APlease submit your intention to withdraw in writing to us via facsimile or e-mail. After approval by the JATA Board of Directors, your membership will be withdrawn.
QI previously withdrew my membership, but I would like to rejoin. How do I do so?
APlease submit an application form with message to state that you are rejoining so that we can reach your old membership record.
QDo we receive a membership card?
ASince 2004 we no longer produce membership cards. Once you become a member you will be provided with a certificate as proof of membership.

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