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Chairman's Message

The number of foreign visitors to Japan has continued to brake previous records and eventually surpassed the number of Japanese traveling abroad. In 2017, the world saw 1.32 billion international tourists travel to their chosen destinations and Japan shifted the target of inbound and outbound travelers from 40 to 50 million. In order to strengthen its position of a leading tourism power, the country has to establish itself as a gnation based on tourism exchange.h The travel industry has become of utmost importance for the advancement of the economy as a whole.

With Japanfs becoming UNWTO Executive Council Member, the expectations that the travel industry should secure a leadership role in international tourism have heightened.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will focus the worldfs attention onto Japan, JATA aims at establishing the country as a major tourism-oriented nation. We are committed to realizing the objectives regarding the trinity of travel and tourism ? outbound, domestic and inbound travel ? set in JATAfs strategic proposal. Our Headquarters and regional chapters communicate and work closely together to advance travel and tourism. We have worked for the revitalization of local communities and their economies by promoting inbound travel and pro-actively engaging in a number of policies and activities. We have dedicated efforts to the internationalization of the youth as it will help the revitalization of local regions, necessitate human exchange and create globally-competitive human resources.

We will concentrate on improving the recognition of the power of the travel industry and establishing the presence of the gJapanh brand in the exceptionally-fast growing Asian market. By expanding the exchange at private sector level, we aim at creating job opportunities, supporting the economy and, by deepening mutual exchange, contribute to the realization of world peace and prosperity.

We will continue to rely on your understanding and support for our activities.

Hiromi Tagawa

Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)

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