アウトバウンド促進協議会とはJapan Outbound Tourism Council
Intent of Establishment and Regulations

1. 設立趣旨と目的(Intent of Establishment and Purpose)

2008年より日本人の海外渡航者数2000万人達成を目標とし海外旅行関係者と連携し JATAは様々な活動に取組んできた。2012年の1,849万人をピークに日本人渡航者数は減少傾向であったが、海外渡航者数復活のための重点施策として中国・韓国への促進活動を昨年から集中的に展開した結果、昨年は1,700万人のレベルまで回復する見込みに至った。

この流れを更に強めるべく、海外旅行業界内で相互利益となる情報を積極的に共有し、今後のアウトバウンド促進取組み活動の一環として、「アウトバウンド促進協議会」(英文名称:Japan Outbound Tourism Council)を設立する。この協議会は、JATA会員会社・在京政府観光局・大使館・オペレーター・宿泊施設・運輸機関・メディア等と共に早期に日本人海外渡航者数2000万人達成を目指し、海外旅行促進活動の更なる活性化を図る事を目的とする。


Since 2008, JATA has collaborated with various travel-trade related organizations and engaged in multiple activities to achieve the goal of 20 million Japanese overseas travelers. Since the peak of 18.49 million overseas travelers in 2012, the number of those who traveled abroad decreased for several consecutive years. In 2015, JATA undertook several major initiatives aiming at the revitalization of Japanese overseas travel, including promotions of travel to China and South Korea. As a result, the Japanese overseas travel in 2016 is expected to recover to the 17-million level.

In order to further increase the current momentum, JATA will establish a council under the name “Japan Outbound Tourism Council.” The council is part of the activities of JATA and will aim at facilitating information which will be mutually beneficial for its members. The council will consist of JATA member companies, foreign national tourism offices in Japan, foreign embassies, tour operators, accommodation facilities, carriers, media and other related business organizations. Under the leadership of JATA, the council will work to realize promptly the goal of 20 million overseas travelers by planning and conducting further promotional activities.

The main activities consist of specialized lectures at general meetings, B2B networking, a theme-based forum, destination seminars and training in accord with the five area subcommittees (Europe, Near and Middle East & Africa, Asia, North, Central and South
America, Oceania and Pacific) and network reinforcement with the JATA local offices.

2. 正会員(Full members)


  • JATA会員会社
  • 在日大使館観光部及び各国政府観光局
  • 各国の地方・州・都市の観光代表部
  • ツアーオペレーター
  • 航空会社・鉄道・クルーズ・レンタカー
  • ホテル
  • 観光施設
  • 旅行業界関連メディア
  • その他関係団体

The full membership is to consist of the organizations listed below

  • JATA member companies
  • Foreign embassies (tourism promotion section) and foreign national tourism offices in Japan
  • Tourism promotion divisions of local areas and cities of the participating countries
  • Tour operators
  • Airline companies, railway companies, cruise operators, rent-a-car establishments
  • Hotels
  • Travel and tourism facilities
  • Travel industry media
  • Other travel and tourism related organizations

3. 協議会役員(Board)


  • JATA海外旅行推進委員会正副委員長(複数名)
  • 在日政府観光局(数名)
  • 大使館(数名)
  • アドバイザー(数名)



The activities of the council will be overseen and managed mostly by the Board members as described below

  • Chair and Vice-chairs of the JATA Overseas Travel Promotion Committee (the number is to be decided)
  • Foreign national tourism offices (to be decided)
  • Embassies (to be decided)
  • Advisers (to be decided)

The Board of the Council is to call for and conduct the meetings of the council, set the area working groups and act as a representative of those working groups. The board is to oversee the activities of the working group through the council’s secretariat.

The board is authorized to call on trade specialists (non-members) within the available budget in order to facilitate pro-active information exchange for the benefit of the council’s members.

4. 会長(Chair)


The Chair of the JATA Outbound Travel Promotion Committee is to be the chair of the Japan Outbound Tourism Council

5. 活動内容(Activities)


  • アウトバウンド促進活動全般
  • 年4回のテーマ別フォーラム開催
  • 各種セミナー開催
  • 年2回のメンバー交流会開催
  • 年1回のメディアアワード表彰
  • その他、設立目的を達成するに必要なもの
  • 広報:アウトバウンド促進協議会の活動内容を国内外に英文にて広報する。

Major activities of the council will include:

  • General overseas travel promotion activities
  • The Council is to convene 4 times a year and conduct theme meetings
  • Promotional seminars
  • The members of the forum are to meet for opinion exchange twice a year
  • The forum is to present a media award once a year
  • Other activities necessary for achieving the goals of the council
  • Reports: the activities and the results will be reported in English to involved and interested parties within and out of Japan.

6. 入会審査(Membership)

  • 入会は、協議会役員会の承認を必要とする。
  • 入会金は収受しない。
  • The Board of the Council is to approve the admission of all members
  • Admission is free of charge

7. 年会費(Annual membership fee)


  • JATA正会員、JATA賛助会員、大使館・在日政府観光局・航空会社、JATA定例記者会見参加メデイアは無料とする。
  • 上記7.①以外の観光産業関連団体・企業は年間30,000円とする。
  • 上記2.のカテゴリーに当てはまらない団体・企業についてはその都度協議する。

The membership for the organizations willing to join the Council will be collected as described below

  • JATA full and allied members, embassies, foreign national tourism offices, airlines and trade media that participate in the regular JATA news conference will participate free of charge
  • The membership fee for travel trade related business organizations other than those mentioned in 7.① is to be 30,000 JPY per year
  • The membership fee for any organizations apart from those mentioned in 2 is to be discussed case by case

8. 事務局(Secretariat)


JATA Head Quarters, JATA Outbound Travel Promotion Division